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Yoga philosophy is one of the six major orthodox schools of philosophy in Hinduism.

Philosophy is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as-

“A theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behavior.”

We Live Yoga is a quest to learn how to integrate Yoga philosophy with one’s own practice and life, especially on a day to day, moment to moment basis.
Yoga is state of mind, beyond just asanas, (which otherwise merely reduces it to exercises!).
Our practice is aligned with classical yoga scriptures including the Ashtanga Yoga principles of Maharshi Patanjali and Hatha Yoga by Swatmarama.

Join this movement to experience a calmer state of mind!

Upcoming Yoga Retreat at Amboli Hill Station, Sawantwadi

Sunday 12th Feb to Friday 18th Feb 2022
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The Main Reasons to Practice Yoga

For a Calmer Mind
Train your mind to stay calm, happy and relaxed

For a Healthy Body
Improve your posture, keep your bones strong, spine flexible, and organs healthy

For a Steady Breath
Breath right, breath complete, live longer

For a Positive Attitude in Life
As you think, so you become! Be aware, be positive

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Regular Classes

Sanjay and I were batch mates at Yoga teacher's training course. He was the most popular person with amazing sense of humour. He is calm, humble and helpful. His teaching style was much appreciated. I have seen him fall over 50 times to get perfect technique of shirshasana. I really appreciate his persistence and knowledge and wish him success as a Yoga teacher.

Trupti Amritwar

I've heard many different 'Final Relaxations' from teachers across the globe, but none of them ever compared to Anand's. With his comforting voice and calm attitude he takes you on a journey, allowing you to let go of all stress and to ease tensions, creating a state of peacefulness and oneness with your bodies

Christina W
Christina W

I am really happy and glad to meet Mr. Anand sir, a great yoga teacher with deep knowledge about asanas and meditation.An energetic person, you will know if you meet him once. A person with humbleness and attractive personality.Thank you Anand sir to support us in our asanas, really glad to meet you.
om namo narayana

Abhishek Bhat
Abhishek Bhat

Sanjay not only has a keen interest in Yoga but it’s in his genes. He is dedicated, takes extra efforts to update himself and people around him with the knowledge of yoga and is a favorite amongst all. I am sure he will be liked by all his yoga students at Yoga Chetana. All the best Sanjay and Anand for your journey as trained yoga teachers serving for humanity through your yoga classes.

Neha Kerure Senior Teacher- Yoga Vidya Niketan

Sanjay is a very beautiful person from heart...its very easy to achieve Yoga and the goal with his guidance.

Mylaraswamy KS
Mylaraswamy KS

Sanjay is a role model for us. He has set an example for practising yoga with precision and perfection if one is disciplined and adheres to the rules defined. He is a manifestation of the fact that yoga does not need slim body posture.

Dr. Devdatta Chandgadkar
Dr. Devdatta Chandgadkar CEO Saraswat infotech private limited

Our Team

Anand Ramaswamy
Co-Founder, Yoga Sadhaka
Sanjay Rajpurohit
Co-Founder, Yoga Sadhaka
Jitendra Belani
Karma Yogi, Environmentalist
Darshana Lobo
Yoga Sadhaka
Siddhi Shah
Yoga Sadhaka, Pregnancy Yoga Specialist

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