During our regular classes, we often ask students if they ever get angry. Some shy away from answering, some look down, and some smile and acknowledge the fact that yes, they do get angry.

It is very common in today’s stressful environment that we get opportunities to get angry.

The yoga class center is closed unannounced? There is unrest in the mind.
The household help/maid hasn’t come? There is anger.
There is a traffic jam delaying you from reaching workplace? There is anger.
The client hasn’t taken your call but you can see them online on social media? Anger anger!
Not many people liked your photo/comment on social media? Anger anger anger!!!

With anger comes a host of other problems. The body is stressed unnecessarily. The mind undergoes various changes. Hormones and other body fluids change their consistency to balance out the anger, trying to restore a balance. But this puts the body and mind off the regular course.
With anger comes high blood pressure. And hence other associated problems. Our internal organs are stressed.

But how did it impact the world?
Does the yoga center open up? Did the maid suddenly reappear? Did the traffic jam subside? Did your client have any impact? Did you get enough ‘likes’ on social media?
I am guessing NO.

Hence, the best we could do is convert these as opportunities to be clam. Observe our breath.
Make peace with the situation. Meditate every day on being calm. Repeat to yourself every morning “I am calm, I will be calm in every thought, word and action throughout the day”.
And you will soon see the world changing itself to help you be calm. And that’s the way We Live Yoga!