I believe the key to a good life is moderation. Anything in excess is poison. And you need what you essentially need too.

A very long menu card with everything on it is an eyesore. It could confuse you… not about what to eat, but to make you think if they really mean they are good at preparing all that’s mentioned in it!

At the same time, a card with inadequate items listed may deprive you of a choice that’s best or the next best option.

When we talk in moderation, we save a lot of prana. We also save a lot of embarrassment or loss that we might incur due to excessive information that we may end up giving. Talking too little may also deprive you of that coconut barfi that was being offered and you shied away from asking! J

Moderation can be linked to Bramhacharya in the Yamas’ of the Ashtanga Yoga. (more on it later!)

But for now, let’s attempt to live in moderation. Not extravagance, nor scrimping.  let’s be aware of how we live. So that we can truly say We Live Yoga!