One of the most mysterious phenomena is death. And what supersedes that mystery is the rebirth.


The way I see it, those who are involved in Yoga and are spiritually inclined somewhere or the other come in contact with the term Karma. And with the word Karma comes the concept of rebirth.

I have a friend who tells me about how some people who are disturbed and affected either physically, emotionally or mentally want to know why is that that THEY are suffering so much. They resort to some of the methods, one of the most famous being ‘Past Life Regression’ to know their past lives.

And there are stories that surface of they being in a tough relation earlier, being responsible for strained relations, hurting someone etc. or something they did that badly affected others. They get to know about their past life and the deeds that are now causing this misery.

Here is what I fail to understand: now what? Does this leave you satisfied to know that you were cruel and now you are bearing the brunt of some karmas?

I believe that we all have been designed in a way that we don’t come into this world with past life programmed into our mind for a reason. We are NOT supposed to know it. If nature/God was smart enough to create so many organs that take care of things from breathing to removing waste from the body, it’s tough to believe that it forgot to add the function of ‘store past lives memory’ into our brains!

Yoga tells us to follow our dharma, forget about the fruits. Focus on your life today, do your job today, and keep moving forward in the spiritual direction. Salvation will happen with the efforts. If not now, maybe after 500 years. But do not lose focus of what you are here for today.

Tapah, swadhyaya, ishwara hard, study about life and self to increase your knowledge and awareness, and have faith in Ishwara.

Why worry about the past when you can make your present even more beautiful? Hence, I say, live in the present, live life fully, mindful of the framework of Yamas and Niyamas, so that we can happily say We Live Yoga!