What we bring to the table…or floor…or chair or mat..or mind…

yeah- mind seems most appropriate.

What we bring to the mind is calmness; there are enough other things that can keep you pre-occupied. Of course, the best Yogi is able to look at things as just another event happening, being completely detached from it, but to get there one requires Abhyasa (practice) and Vairagya (Attitude of letting go/non – attachment) . We bring you the opportunity to practice with us and experience the journey.  We help you condition the mind and the body to perform yogic practices without any conscious efforts.

About our class philosophy:

Our classes offer a range of practices  including yoga asanas, meditation, workshops and other healing techniques to support and deepen your practice. The aim is to empower and inspire you to be independent, confident, more peaceful, live freely and understand your true self to operate at your full potential.

The ultimate aim is a calm, steady, and undisturbed mind.

Corporate Wellness

Workplace is where most of us spend the largest portion of our time during the day. With work comes the most desirable- salary. And at times, the most undesirable- unwanted stress and tension. This could impact the interpersonal relations with friends, family and anyone who we interact with.

We will conduct workshops and/or regular sessions at your office suitable for your management team and staff. We have seen these workshops and sessions have been very successful in creating a positive and a more energetic work environment!


Community workshops- want to spread happiness across the community? Want to conduct a session in your society? We would be glad to partner!

Special sessions- for any level of practice, for beginners, intermediate or advance practitioners, who want to deepen their practice. Let’s say you want to focus more on stretching the hamstrings, back-bend postures or inverted postures, we design the workshops just for you.

We also conduct workshops on meditation and relaxation, one of the most important aspects of Yoga.

CSR Activities

The more we give, the more we get back.

We also work on initiatives like tree plantation drives, teaching at orphanages, clean-up drives etc. If you are a company with a CSR objective, or an individual interested in a social cause or activity, we help you to achieve it.

Give us a call, and we will help you plan the activity. When it comes to Social Responsibility and your contribution to it, every bit matters.

Individual / Group Classes

This could be at your home, with your friends or family, or at a hall or any other venue that’s convenient to all of us. This could be 3/5/7 days a week. We prescribe at least 5 days of practice for 60 minutes per day.

With such practice for 3 continuous months, one can see the impact on your body and mind.

Offsite and Yoga Retreats

Team with us to conduct a weekend trip to a serene location where you can reflect within. The experience will include yoga asanas classes, meditation and relaxation apart from the other important aspects like food and accommodation!

We would love to assist you in organizing the getaway. The days plan will include sessions on yogic practices that helps in personality development, stress management and team bonding.

If it is a family or set of friends looking to spend time together and learn more about Yoga, we would be happy to help plan that as well!