Private classes help the individual at multiple levels. From a beginner to an advanced level practitioner, the requirements could be different, we understand that and cater to individuals molding the lessons appropriately.
There are health conditions which demand that little additional attention. We have, in the past, worked with people personally to help them overcome heart related, blood pressure related conditions, worked on stress management, weight management etc.

Group Sessions: We conduct group sessions for a set of like minded people. Or even otherwise! Group lessons have a different set of vibrations and energy. If you have a set of friends or family who would like to practice at home or a common location, we would love to come over and help with it.


Anand Ramaswamy
Co-Founder, Yoga Sadhaka
Sanjay Rajpurohit
Co-Founder, Yoga Sadhaka
Siddhi Shah
Yoga Sadhaka, Pregnancy Yoga Specialist