Jitendra Belani is a qualified finance professional who having served in the banking sector for over 12 years moved on to a broader and nobler service…that towards the environment.

Working with companies like Deutsche Bank, J.P.Morgan etc.did give him job satisfaction, knowledge and money, but he felt the need to give back more to the society. He worked in the CSR teams in the companies he served, devoting as much time as possible and worked with NGO’s during weekends to add value to his life. There was more to be done.

Now Jitendra works full time independently and with NGOs towards various causes like conducting music therapy for children suffering from cancer, transgender employment, Juhu beach clean up to name a few. He is one of the founding members of the Mission Green Mumbai NGO, which has the mission to make each Mumbaikar adopt one tree and bring back greenery to Mumbai.

Some other experiences worth mentioning are- teaching close to 40 students as a part of Teach India campaign, taking yoga classes in communities, working on promoting solar power and working towards adoption of trees along the Metro-3 project line.

Karma Yogi, Environmentalist

Jitendra Belani

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101, Agarwal Arcade, 6th,
Sector 1, Nerul, Navi Mumbai 400706
+91 81694 27944
[email protected]

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Sanjay and I were batch mates at Yoga teacher's training course. He was the most popular person with amazing sense of humour. He is calm, humble and helpful. His teaching style was much appreciated. I have seen him fall over 50 times to get perfect technique of shirshasana. I really appreciate his persistence and knowledge and wish him success as a Yoga teacher.

Trupti Amritwar

I've heard many different 'Final Relaxations' from teachers across the globe, but none of them ever compared to Anand's. With his comforting voice and calm attitude he takes you on a journey, allowing you to let go of all stress and to ease tensions, creating a state of peacefulness and oneness with your bodies

Christina W
Christina W

I am really happy and glad to meet Mr. Anand sir, a great yoga teacher with deep knowledge about asanas and meditation.An energetic person, you will know if you meet him once. A person with humbleness and attractive personality.Thank you Anand sir to support us in our asanas, really glad to meet you.
om namo narayana

Abhishek Bhat
Abhishek Bhat