I dislike this…

I dislike this

is one of the most common thoughts that comes to the tricky mind. What is a tricky mind? It’s a mind that tricks you into believing something avoidable, not very positive!

During my interactions with people across various walks of life, I have learnt that there is some kind of uneasiness that seeps into the mind and heart. One tends to judge others and make certain opinions. One of the easiest one is – I dislike them. The most I have seen this is related to work.

A lot of people dislike their colleagues, bosses, subordinates, peers.

Few of the most common explanations given are

  1. There is a lot of favoritism in my team
  2. My colleague is so stupid, doesn’t know a thing, and still managed to get that promotion
  3. My boss is partial to the other guy as he has studied in the same college/worked together before

And if you think it’s restricted to the ‘corporate workspace’, here is more…

  1. He doesn’t know the ‘A’ of asanas, cannot even do a simple vajrasana, and he is teaching yoga and making money
  2. He only corrupts people teaching them power yoga. Doesn’t talk anything about yoga philosophy
  3. And the list can go on!

While I don’t contest the validity of any of these (it may all be 100% true, it has happened with me too!), but the minute we let it affect us, we lose focus.

The yoga sutras teach us to maintain cordial relations with others.

The Parikramas tells us to be friendly, have compassion, and also at times maintain distance from the cause of all these thoughts!

So what if the person is a favorite of your boss/teacher? You continue to learn what is taught, practice, work and keep your attention focused. The fruits will follow.

So what if your colleague is ‘stupid’. You continue to work, achieve your goal, and move on.

So what if your yoga teacher/colleague is promoting anything but yoga in the name of yoga, you continue with what you can learn the best from them and move on.

So that the mind stays calm, and we can happily say We Live Yoga!